Update 1.1

Hello everyball!

The new update is finally ready and with it you can now enter the arena in Rhombus Square and take on several combat challenges! Also, more quests! Oh and in case you’re wondering about the version number: we decided to call this one version 1.1 instead of 1.0.4, because the arena is a pretty major feature!

Rhombus Square Arena

The arena in Rhombus Square is finally open! In it you can take on several Cups each featuring a list of combat challenges!

  • The Rookie Cup with regular enemies you’ll meet in the field all over CrossWorlds
  • The Seeker Cup with dungeon enemies as well as several smaller boss fights
  • The Dungeon Boss Cup with all the boss enemies of the temples!

In all cups, the enemies and bosses are upgrade to level 55-60 to still pose a challenge to your end-game character! Additionally, the Rookie Cup can also be played with the whole party in Team Mode!

Each cup features a list of rounds that can be fought individually as well as a rush mode where you can take on all the round in one go.

Your performance in each round and rush mode will be evaluated with a score and rewarded with medals. For each medal you will then collect Arena Coins that you can exchange for rewards such as new equipment, but also decorative add-ons like…

Fancy auras!

And… PETS!

Yes. CrossCode now has pets. They will follow you around. You can even pet them. But that’s it.

New S-Rank Mode + Quests

For this update we enhanced the Combat Rank system, adding a couple more effects when changing rank as well as a special S-Rank mode + combat theme! Also, enemies will now respawn faster during S-Rank making it easier to keep up a long combat streak.

Note: If you don’t like the new effects and music and would like to have things as they used to be, you can disable everything in the options menu under interfaces!

As for quests, you will find more in this update as well! One is in the final Arid Breeze Quest in Ba’kii Kum, the other one you will find in Sapphire Ridge – check the bulletin board!

Additionally, there is a new challenge mode for the Turret Defense mini game, complete with a few new rewards to collect!

And finally, you’ll find a couple more NPCs hidden throughout CrossWorlds!

Oh, and this update also comes with a couple new music tracks!

That’s it! Have fun with the new version!

… let’s hope there are not too many bugs this time.


CrossCode Win 32 1.1 464 MB
May 15, 2019
CrossCode Linux 32 1.1 476 MB
May 15, 2019
CrossCode Linux 64 1.1 472 MB
May 15, 2019
CrossCode Mac OS 1.1 474 MB
May 15, 2019

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wow, looks great! I love your art

Hi, you doing that with GameMaker ?


Custom Engine written in HTML5 / Impact js

This game looks absolutely wonderful! I cannot wait to try it out! It looks like you really put a lot of work and effort into this. 

Very well done,


Congratulations! I purchased the game in another platform and loved it so far! I will soon need the DLC, but first I will need spare time to play :D Cheers!

Looks amazing honestly!