CrossCode 0.9.8 - More languages and all the Arts!

On our long journey towards version 1.0 we've now reached another small milestone: Today we release version 0.9.8! This update will add all level 3 combat arts, a Japanese and Koreantranslation, a couple of quests and several small quality-of-life improvements! Let's go!

New Localizations

After several month of collaboration with our new partners we're happy to announce that CrossCode now supports two more languages!

First: a Japanese localization by Dangen Entertainment[]!

It's like one of your Japanese JRPGs!

Which means we can't read it! Gotta wait for those fansubs. :/

Second: a Korean localization by Mayflower Entertainment[]!

Still can't read this!

We really hope the translations are good!


You can select the new languages within the options. Remember to restart the game!

All the Combat Arts

It's finally done! This version comes with all level 3 combat arts fully implemented!

In order to learn those arts you'll have to collect the Star Shade at the end of the Jungle dungeon. Once learned you'll need to spend 6 SP in order to use them. 

The good news is: We'll upgrade your MAX SP to 12 (which means 3 SP on battle start) once you collect the Star Shade! So gathering the necessary SP should be somewhat quicker.

Small Usability Improvements

We made several small improvements for menus and interface.

Quest marking has changed. You can now mark multiple quests inside the menu and you can only switch between marked quest on the field.

We properly integrated a Circuit Reset option! You can visit a terminal in Rookie Harbor that allows you to reset individual Circuit trees. However, resetting isn't as cheap anymore: you'll need to use a Circuit Override item that you will get on several occasions during the plot. We might also add a trading option later on.

To reskill yourself even faster you also now have the option to learn several skills in one go!

There are also several small QoL improvements like grayed trading items in the preview if you can't trade them yet, and number of collected chests visible on the world map.

A few more quests

This version comes with a few more quests as well! Two of them are found in Rookie Harbor and another one in Gaia's Garden!

There's even a little boss fight included!

More Stuff in the Background

Just like the last release, this one is again rather small. We're still working on more content in the background that will be released with version 1.0!
So once again... Sorry for the small update but we hope that the wait will be worth it once version 1.0 will be out!

Anyway that's all! 

We hope you have fun with version 0.9.8 and let's hope there's a limit to the amount of bugs!


CrossCode 0.9.8 (Windows) 279 MB
Dec 15, 2017
CrossCode 0.9.8 (Linux 32) 320 MB
Dec 15, 2017
CrossCode 0.9.8 (Linux 64) 320 MB
Dec 15, 2017
CrossCode 0.9.8 (Mac) 324 MB
Dec 15, 2017

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