CrossCode is out, versions updated on Itch as well!


As you may have noticed, CrossCode is finally out. And we sadly forgot to update the builds on Itch. However that has been fixed now and you can enjoy the DRM free builds here as well! And it already contains the latest hotfixes!

Hotfix 1.0.0-7

Since the initial full release we went through several hotfix updates and the game finally reached a (somewhat) stable state.

Crashes might still happen though. This is mostly when you use the new NW.js version for CrossCode (which is default on most platforms and when using the nwjs_new branch on Steam) together with a high sample rate of over 100kHz in your audio output device settings, since it makes NW.js (the “Web Audio API” in particular) extremely wasteful with memory.

We now did two things to hopefully reduce the amount of crashes.

  1. Create a 64bit application for Windows that has access to more memory. It should automatically update on Steam accordingly if you have a 64bit OS
  2. Optimize music loading in general, since the crashes usually happen on maps where a lot of music is loaded at once (this also has the positive side-effect that certain maps will load a lot faster)

Hopefully this will reduce the amount of crashes. If you are a Steam user currently on the default branch, you can try to switch to the nwjs_new beta branch to check if crashes still happen or not. Feedback would be highly appreciated!


CrossCode 1.0.0-7 (Linux 32) 445 MB
Oct 15, 2018
CrossCode 1.0.0-7 (Linux 64) 441 MB
Oct 15, 2018
CrossCode 1.0.0-7 (Mac OSX) 444 MB
Oct 15, 2018
CrossCode 1.0.0-7 (WIN) 396 MB
Oct 15, 2018

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I purchased this on Steam.  Would love a DRM-free version outside of Steam if possible.

In fact, the Steam version is also DRM free.

You know what I mean; having the game outside of the Steam ecosystem entirely; be it on GoG or

I'm a strong advocate of DRM-free goodness and if there is a way to 'change' ownership from Steam to either GoG or then I'd do so.  Or be nice and let those who have it on Steam also acquire it on GoG. I'd mentioned GoG Connect but it seems that isn't an option so perhaps those who ask could also receive.

Admin (1 edit)

Congratulations, and thanks for bringing the updates to I put you up on the homepage!