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This is a DLC for https://radicalfishgames.itch.io/crosscode

A new chapter of Leas story awaits. The CrossWorlds just got bigger and that means there are new things to explore. But before you enjoy these, make sure to meet old friends, learn new words and throw an uncountable amount of balls at your enemies.

A New Home continues right after the Events of CrossCode and offers more of what you learned to love already: A story rich experience filled up with tons of enemies, bosses and puzzles. Follow Lea on her journey figuring out the truth, use your elements like never before and don't forget to finish the raid. This time for real.

What's included in the DLC:

  • Fresh content which will entertain you for about 8-10 hours
  • Explore the probably biggest dungeon we've ever created
  • Fight against new enemies and bosses
  • Run over water for the very first time
  • Listen to some fresh music tracks
  • And of course: Finish The Raid
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Release date Mar 08, 2022
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(22 total ratings)
AuthorRadical Fish Games
GenreAction, Adventure, Platformer, Puzzle, Role Playing
Made withImpact
Tags2D, dlc, Pixel Art, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few seconds
LanguagesGerman, English, Javanese, Korean, Chinese (Simplified)


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

CrossCode: A New Home 4 MB


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while would this dlc be available for android if the main game is not?

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The game is great, so I'm obviously looking into it, but... Can I purchase ONLY the DLC from GOG? 

I mean, both versions are drm-free, and I got this one from a bundle, but the prices differ a lot since GOG has support for my local currency and Itch doesn't. I wonder if I buy it there, download and do a manual install, it could work? Just want a confirmation before I do dumb stuff.
(there's also the Manlea DLC there that just made me ROFL xD)

Doesn't seem like it, since I don't have the game on GOG, I can't purchase the DLC. Now that's annoying.


+1 on this

The DLC is NEVER on sale here. For my currency, it's a bit expensive... Cross platform DLC or DLC sale would be very appreciated

It was unfortunately/fortunately cheaper to buy the game bundled with DLC on Steam. One of the few games worth buying twice for compatibility (not like I paid much for the first one anyway)


good old upselling after the free base game :-D

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Y'know, if you actually had paid full price for the game, then I could at least understand not wanting to pay another $10 on top of that. But this seems like a pretty bad take if you already played the base game for free. The devs were kind enough to include a $20 game in a bundle that essentially let you play it for pennies, and the DLC is only of use to people who've finished the main storyline anyway. So if you're already that invested into the game, especially when you got it for almost-free, then paying half the game's original price to add another 8-10 hours to the experience doesn't sound like that big a deal.


Well, havent really played it yet, just saw the thing about ukraine bundle and the 20$ dlc that can conveniontally be bought for it.
Just remarking that it's " a pretty bad take" that you kind of lure people with the base game "for pennies" and then upsell the dlc for 20$.

doint know if the game is worth it since I havent played it yet.
just seen this "hey, here's a free pdf. oh, you read it and the 5 pages peked yur interest?
here's the upseel for the actual full version at the very full price to be paid. youre welcome".

got kind of reminded of that.

but might as well be that the base game is that great as hyped, cant judge yet.
just the general concept has been seen before in other areas :-)


The DLC is $10 though, not $20.
$20 is the price of the full game if you hadn't gotten it in the bundle.

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i originally played the base game on switch. If I also have the base game thru Ukraine bundle on PC, is it possible to buy DLC on PC and just jump into the DLC? Or do I need a completed save file to start the DLC?


no, you do need to have a save file with the main story cleared in order to play the dlc :(

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Before I purchase,  will this work with a copy of CrossCode from the Ukraine bundle?


It will!

I found that the original game did not have an Android version, but the dlc page showed that Android was available, who can tell me how to play this dlc on Android?


The game is not originally made to work on Android, however, you can use CrossAndroid for that. It requires you to have the base game and any DLC packs you want, and then you can copy them over and the CrossAndroid program will integrate them smoothly.

It has touch controls

Does the DLC on GoG work with the base version from Itch?


Yeah, it works fine.


Ah shit I thought this came with the Ukraine bundle. Disappointing since we hardly see any sales on this website. 


Nah. Sadly it wasn't even available on here until after the Ukraine bundle.


do i still have to pay if i got the ukraine bundle



Do you have to payt for the original game though?


No, if you got the bundle, you just  have to pay for the DLC

What's new in yesterday's update for this and the main game? Should I download the files again to update? :O

Minor bugfixes.


Do y'all know how to make this DLC work on Mac? I've been having troubles trying to figure out how to access it, and I'm not super technology savvy, so I would appreciate some help!

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After downloading and unzipping the DLC, right-click the CrossCode Application, and click "Show Package Contents." Then, go to Contents -> Resources -> app.nw -> assets -> extension. Then, drag the unzipped DLC folder into this location. Then, launch the game. On the Main Menu, if you check the installed DLC list, it should now include "Post-Game" (or something along those lines).

(Very Minor Spoilers Below)
To actually begin the DLC, (Assuming that you've already beaten the game, gotten the "Good Ending" and are currently at the point just after the post-credits scenes are complete), walk to the right. If you didn't get the "Good Ending," walk left, and either figure out how to get it, or google it shouldn't take more than 10-15 minutes, tops, to get the "Good Ending," once you figure out what to do.


Thank you so much for replying! Also, this might be a silly question, but how exactly do you unzip the DLC? I understand the other steps of this process, but I am not quite sure how to do this one.

Nevermind!!! I got it to work thank you so much for your help!!!

oh. lol.

Simple answer: you can either double-lick the new-home.zip file, or right-click the file and select "open."

More in-depth answer: 

Okay, so first, make sure you've downloaded the DLC after purchasing it (if you haven't downloaded the DLC yet, you should be able to download it in the same manner you downloaded the game originally). 

Then, you need to find the DLC file on your computer. 

  • If you downloaded it through a web-browser (like Google Chrome, or Safari), it'll probably be in your "Downloads" folder (open up "Finder" application, and the "Downloads" folder should be listed on the left side). The zipped filename should be "new-home.zip". Double click that file, and it'll create a folder named "post-game" in the same folder as the zip file.
  • If you downloaded it through the itch desktop application, then it was unzipped automatically when you downloaded it. To find it, you should right-click the DLC in your itch library, and then click "Show in Finder". That'll bring you to a folder named "crosscode-a-new-home". Open that folder, and you should see a folder named "post-game". 

The "post-game" folder is the unzipped DLC folder I mentioned in my previous post, follow the instructions I listed there, and you should be good.


I'm loving it so far, but I have a question: How can I get the Ninja Clothing of the Steam DLC? I have the Main game + DLC bough here on itch.io, but I don't saw the Ninja suit anywhere. I even saw a Quest related to a ninja guy, but I only got a weapon. Any way we can get (or buy) that cool Ninja suit here on itch.io?

But yeah, Radical Fish Games, this games is amazing. Even if I bought it on the Ukraine Bundle for some cents in total, was so~ good I bought the DLC right after finishing the main game.

Looking forward for Project Terra~


Nice that the DLC now is finally on itchio as well. But I guess I can just forget about Windows Store/Gamepass App ever getting the DLC if it needed russia to invade ukraine for this to happen here.

That's kind of heartless to say... But sadly I guess you are not wrong.


If anyone is wondering whether or not this is worth it: The answer is yes it's worth it. If you're here from the bundle this is one of the best games included. Enjoy!


I am kinda new to using itch and definitely the bundle system so uh how do I get the DLC? since i dont think I have it, it definitely didn't come up when I was looking at the downloads for the bundle or the game. Sorry to ask such a noob question


The DLC is not included in the $10 charity bundle. Only the base game with an already $9 discount compared to Steam.

Still, I'd recommend buying it separately. Probably worth more than 99% of the other games on the bundle.

Probably worth more than 99% of the other games on the bundle.



I mean... Is he/she wrong? There are a 1000 games and Crosscode is definitelt in the Top 10 games in this bundle for me.


Like radicalblues said, A New Home is not included in the bundle. To install it though, simply place the “post-game” folder that buying this gets you into the “extension” folder into CrossCode’s directory. Path to that is C:\Users\<yourname>\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\crosscode\assets\extension on Windows.

Its not there for everyone for example for me the folder was IN the "crosscode-new-win32" folder under this path 


Kinda like the steam version but directly from the folder instead of in steamapps and whatnot.  

Quick question, 'post game' implies that there isn't any new content in the main game, so I can just play that and buy the DLC later without missing out on quests, right?


Sorta. There are a few quests added into areas from the base game, but beating the base game first doesn’t preclude you from doing any of them. You can 100% the base game, get the DLC, then 100% that, you won’t be locked out of anything.

Alright, dope. Thanks for the quick reply. :)

Thanks for adding this DLC here! I got the game on Switch, but wanted the game on PC launcher-free :)


Rad! Slight letdown that it took a while to get here, but glad nonetheless to see you folks release this here, even if it took the occasion of the Ukraine charity bundle. (And it sorta makes sense considering how itch is with DLC). <3